How to place and hang multiple pictures or mirrors.

mirror hanging 7

Whilst decorating a client’s lounge for her, one of her requests was for me to incorporate into the room, two matching sets of mirrors she had recently acquired. Each set consisted of five different shaped and sized mirrors. They needed to be hung evenly on either side of a larger mirror we had already installed on her newly wallpapered wall. Help: you can’t get the placement and hole making wrong on this wall with new wallpaper!

Where does one begin? A good place to start is to lie them on the floor and try various placement options. This gives you a starting point of whether to go landscape or portrait, close together or larger spaces between etc. However it is impossible to hold up all five mirrors against the wall and tweak the final arrangement and what happens once it is arranged? How to you make sure you get all the spacing right when it comes to the actual hanging.

My solution might not be the most sophisticated but it works for me and it might help you out if you are a DIY enthusiast and you find yourself placed in a similar situation.

Newsprint is the answer. I buy rolls of blank newsprint paper but any newspaper would work. I placed the mirrors face down on the newsprint and traced around each one before cutting out. So in the end I had ten newsprint templates of my various mirrors.


These mirrors had two hangers on the back for a portrait or landscape format. I carefully numbered the templates to match their coordinating mirror and used a pencil to mark the exact spot of the hanger and where the nail would need to be placed.


I then folded each template in half down the length with the mark for the hanger running through that line. I did this because of the organic shapes of the mirrors as they didn’t have straight edges and it meant I could use a spirit level to ensure they were placed and eventually hung correctly.


I then placed a small piece of prestick on the back of each template and started to play around with a few possible arrangements of the mirrors. It then took a bit of time to mirror that image on the right hand side of the large mirror for the other five mirrors, but it was just a case of measuring carefully and checking myself with the level again. All that was then left to do was to hammer in the Hilti nails through the paper, pop on the little white caps, hang the mirrors and tear off the paper templates. Please note for heavier items I would usually drill holes and use plugs and screws for added strength.


mirror hanging 7